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Go Global!

Go Global!

Through our local offices in Singapore and Myanmar, we provide a wide range of services including license application, establishment of local companies, accounting and administrative support, market research, development of local websites, customer services, and sales promotion, to those clients who have the following needs or concerns:

・ A need to tap into the overseas market without immediately establishing a local subsidiary.
・ Need for a sufficient trial period before launching full scale overseas operations.
・ Need for assistance with logistics arrangements to sell products in the local markets.
・ An interest in selling products overseas accompanied by concerns about capable response to customer enquiries and product explanations in English, Chinese, or Burmese.

Our Services

・ Research on licensing, permits, and regulations in the target country.
・ Administrative correspondent services in the target country.
・ Market research on sales potential of products in the target country.
・ Development of websites and e-commerce sites in English, Chinese, and Burmese.
・ Product maintenance as temporary inventory and logistics arrangements.
・ Response to customer enquiries and product explanations in English, Chinese, and Burmese.